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***   Updated for Forza Motorsport 7!   ***

This is compatible with Forza Motorsport 7 and Forza Horizon 3  using a controller or wheel setup!



Adjustable Race-Specification upgrades are required for Springs & Dampers,
and both front and back Anti-Roll Bars.  Race Aero upgrades are optional.
It is assumed these are installed.

'Tune It Yourself' has been written in such a way that you
must  be prepared to dedicate time to the tuning process.
The more time you dedicate, the more success you will have.
Tuning cars can take up to an hour, although base tunes are calculated within minutes.
Those who can quickly identify handling problems will get quicker results.

If you are uncertain about tuning principles, it is highly recommended that you read our Tuning Guide.
The guide will enable you to understand not just of WHAT we tune, but also WHY!

Instructions explaining how to use 'Tune It Yourself' are written BELOW the calculator.

If you have not used 'Tune It Yourself', be sure to

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                 Tune IYourself Created by Dave Lacey

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***   User  Guide   ***

Step 1:                                          Creating a Base Tune!

Enter Required Vehicle Information.  

The only figures you need to source from the game are 'Vehicle Weight' and '% Front'.  Enter these figures into the relevant boxes.

Depending on the weight distribution of your car, you need to enter either the Front or Rear Anti-Roll Bar stiffness.
The strength is for you to decide.  Generally, the more grip available (due to tyre compound or track conditions), the stiffer you can go.  
If race anti-roll bars are not installed, you may leave this field blank, or enter '0'.

Front Aero strength is for you to decide.  The rear strength is calculated for you.*
* Race-Spec cars have very high downforce options, and these calculations will not work.  When tuning race cars, you may wish to max-out     your Aero at the front and rear of the car.  In this case (or if adjustable Aero parts are not installed, leave this value blank, or enter '0'.

The Power to Weight ratio box is a referencing tool to help with building the car.  It in no way helps the tune, nor contribute to the results. Enter the vehicle's horsepower in the 'Power' box, and power-to-weight ratio is calculated.
Base Tune Results

Base Tune results are shown in the  BLUE  results boxes.  Transfer the figures over to your car, in-game.  Even as you begin to make adjustments during the next stages of tuning, Base Tune results never change.  This enables you to reference any changes that do occur.


Tyre Pressures' are not calculated.  Ideal pressures are between 32-33 PSI or 2.20-2.27 Bar when at race temperatue.  Use the in-game telemetry to monitor them.  Remember: Allow the tyres to heat up.  This will take a few minutes of driving.

Front and Rear Camber angles default to '-0.8' degrees, and '-0.5' degree respectively.  These defaults are a sensible starting ground, but should be correctly tuned for optimum results.  If you are not familiar with tuning camber, refer to the 'Tuning Guide' page,

Front and rear toe settings default to '0'.  Toe in any amount or direction causes tyres to scrub.  This reduces acceleration and top speed.
Toe can be a valuable are in tuning, and is incredibly effective, when other options are exhausted! 

Differentials are not calculated.  These figures can be very specific to the power output of your car.  Ideal figures may vary across large ranges when comparing low and high-powered cars, especially when their weights and weight distrubtutions are similar!  If you are unfamiliar with tuning differentials, refer to the 'Tuning Guide' page,



Base Tune Complete!

With the Base Tune complete, take your car to your chosen track, and enter the Test Drive mode from the Track's menu.  Test Drive mode enables you to make tuning adjustments without leaving the track.  This is particularly useful for the next stages of tuning.

Step 2:                                    Begin To Tune It Yourself

While Base Tune figures often produce impressive results, this will not not always be the case.  After all, that Vauxhall Corsa VXR you're tuning doesn't have the same chassis as the Formula Ford you're tuning later!  Your tune may very well need some extra work.  The Controls on the Main Page make large, noticable changes to your setup, getting you quickly underway.

Check the Ride-Height! ​​

Low ride-heights produce grip.  The lowest ride-height available is therefore normally the best option.  Be sure to check the springs using the in-game Telemetry and ensure the suspension doesn't bottom out (reach it's maximum travel).  You will experience serious handling problems if it does, and the ride-height should be raised a few clicks..

Main Page Controls

These controls make adjustments to your tune on-the-fly.  Results to these changes are shown in the   WHITE    'After Fine Tuning' boxes.  The figures in these boxes update live as you make changes.

Overall Spring Stiffness - Increase or decrease overall spring stiffness proportionally. 
Overall balance is maintained.

Rarely required.  Increase or decrease spring stiffness at the front and rear independently.

Overall Damper Stiffness - Increasee or decrease overall damper stiffness proportionally. 
Overall balance is maintained.

Rarely required.  Increase or decrease damper stiffness at the front and rear independently.

Damping Ratio - Increase or decrease damping ratio proportionally.  Cars with less tyre grip require a more mechanical setup, and vice versa.
Overall balance is maintained.  

Overall Balance - Encourage a balance shift towards understeer or oversteer.  Makes adjustments to springs, dampers, anti-roll bars, and aero.

Anti-Roll Bar Only - Encourage a balance shift towards understeer or oversteer.  Makes adjustments to anti-roll bars only.

Adjust. Test. Repeat. ​​

Step 2 Complete!

Your car is now well on the way to handling exactly how you want.  You may even be tempted to leave it here - But if you're looking for that little bit of tuning magic, Step 3 releases the true power of 'Tune It Yourself'!

Step 3:                                           Tuning Specific Areas

Where the magic happens!

Use the  flowcharts on the 'Fine Tuning' pages to correct handling issues at specific areas of cornering.

To cure handling issues, move the sliders using the arrows in the direction suggested.

Tuning sliders are listed in order of effectivness, so start at the top.  If you decide  and work your way down. 

Example:  When tuning out understeer during corner entry for mid-slow speed corners, the first slider inreases the Front Toe Out.  Toe tuning is incredibly effective but causes tyres to scrub which reduces acceleration and top speed.  Knowing this, you may wish to move down the list and increase the front rebound damping instead... and so on.

After making adjustments to your tune from the 'Fine Tuning' pages, return to the 'Main Calculations' page to see your updated results  in the    WHITE    boxes.  Enter them into your car's setup, and hey presto, the problem has been fixed!

Do not make multiple changes in between testing -
Doing so makes it very difficult to identify what is helping from what is not.


* Re-test after each adjustment!

* Do not change more than one area in between testing. - This will lead to a misunderstanding of which adjustment fixed the problem!

* Be prepared to dedicate some time to the tuning process.  Your results will be far more reliable!

And that's that!

Tailored, just for you.

I truly hope you've enjoyed using 'Tune It Yourself', and that your results have been exactly what you were hoping for!

While this is completely free to use, I would genuinely appreciate any constructive feedback to help me continue to produce and develop any future updates.  To provide feedback, click the button, and fill out the (small) form.

Many thanks.

​Dave Lacey.

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Special Thanks.

The initial thought of writing a Tuning Guide for the players of Forza Motorsport and other racing simulators started nearly 18 months ago.  Being a huge Forza fan, and  keen to improve my own tuning knowledge, I set to work.  Days, weeks and months of research later, my notebook started to take shape into the Tuning Guide featured on this websote, of which I am very proud of.  I couldn't possibly label every single web page or book I have read since beginning this project, but in particualr I would like to thank the following people;

Eveyone in the Forza Motorsport Forums for their combined wealth of knowledge - What a community!  
John Schommer (Johniwanna) for his contnuing support towards FACR, along with Thorsten Schuch for putting me in contact with John in the first place!
Thanks to Anthony Curtis, Founder and Lead Instructor at Gallium Racing School.  Creating our tuning videos to accompany the guide was great fun and has been highly welcomed by all who have seen them!
Thanks to Mike at Guns, Cars & Digits for his tutorial videos on how to use formulae to help tune our cars.
And huge credit to Caroll Smith, Author of 'Tune To Win'.  This book is rammed with information on tuning cars and had a huge impact on my knowledge.

I would also like to thank every single member of FACR!  You guys are fantastic!  A true Forza family, with the friendliest attitude towards each other, both on and off the track.  

Huge thanks also to FACR's Admin Team.  Without these guys, FACR would not have developed into the community that it is today.  You guys are rocks! 

And many thanks to Stepahnie Shea for taking on the task of re-coding the calculator so it can be used here, for you all to use! ...And for putting up with several last-minute adjustments!  You have been an absolute star Stefanie, and I am truly grateful for your efforts!

And finally, the biggest thank you of all to my wife!  There's always something going on in the world of Forza for me.  It may be managing on one of FACR's Facebook pages, or I may be desperate to set a lap in our hot lap challenge for the week.  I could be working on the calculator, or making a YouTube video. Either way, she always lets me crack on with it without question, and for that I am truly thankful!  Thanks Mrs Lacey!  You are my world!

Thank you, and enjoy!

Dave Lacey |  DLTuning
29th April 2017