FACR  R acing  Licences

If you want to participate in official FACR events,
you're going to need an FACR Racing Licence.

To apply for a licence, simply visit our facebook
group page, and check the 'Events' page to see
when the next test is taking place.  If you wish to
attend, click 'Going'. 

The manner in which you race during your test will be assessed. 
Be sure to have good racing etiquette, and KEEP IT CLEAN! 
Collisions with other cars on the track will result in a failed test, but remember...
It's not your speed which is being tested... It's your attitude on the circuit. 

Good Luck! 

Can I lose my licence?

Yes.  Your licence shows that you are willing to act appropriately on the track, and in accordance with FACR's perception of good racing etiquette.  Deliberately ramming someone off the track for ANY reason will result in the immediate loss of your licence.  You may take a test to earn your licence back after completing a ban period, the length of which will be determined by Admin, based on the incident.

You may also lose your licence based on the repetition of minor offences, using the 'Three-strikes Rule'.  Minor offences include smaller collisions, generally caused by bad judgements, and not leaving adequate clearance around other cars, particularly through corners. 

All FACR Event Races are reviewed by our marshal team who will address any incidents.