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* Laps must be set before the countdown timer above reaches zero.
3 steps to making your lap count.

You must be in FACR FH3 LB's Xbox friends list so your lap can be found.

Laps must be set within the Rivals section of Forza Horizon 3.  

Laps must be set before the countdown timer above reaches zero.

The community Leaderboard will be updated once daily where possible*

Dirty Laps will not be counted.

​Season Format

The season last for 5 weeks.  Each week, a vote takes place on our Facebook group page, where members select their chosen track from a choice of 3 random options.  The winning vote decides the following week's challenge.  Join the Facebook group using the link below.


Each week, those who finish in the top 46 fastest lap times will be awarded 1 to 46 points.  46 points awarded to 1st place, 45 points for 2nd place... and 1 point for finishing 46th.  These points will be then be added to the overall standings to give your league position.

Once  a season completes, league points are reset ready for a new season.

Season Rules

To Enter

To enter,  you MUST be a member of our Forza Horizon 3 Facebook group page, and be added to the "FACR FH3 LB" gamertags friends list.  Please let us know you wish to take part by commenting your Gamertag on the Season 2 Registration post on the Facebook group page!  Should you already have an Ingame club, please include this, along with your nationality.  Link to the group below,

Assist/Car Restrictions



FACR maintains a friendly, approachable and sporting environment. As such any unsporting behaviour (Abuse, Trolling, Arguing, Cheating, Assist shaming etc) may result in either a point deduction, disqualification and/or possible removal from the facebook
group (following admin review).  We're all here for the same thing, so keep it friendly, and enjoy the competition!

Hall of Fame

There's a spot reserved in our Hall of Fame at the end of each season for those who finish in a podium position.  There's some tough competition though, and some of the guys you'll be trying to beat are really fast..!

Question is, how fast are you?

Good luck!


Season 4: The Season So Far...

SEASON 4: First Update Coming Soon!