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Fast And Clean Racing

"Ability is not important... 
                                                   ...Mentality is."

Welcome to Fast & Clean Racing [FACR], a Forza community incorporating like-minded players with one common ground; Keeping it clean, and going as fast as we can!

We host scheduled lobbies every day of the week, with various ever-changing themes, across both Forza Motorsport and Forza Horizon titles!  There's always going to be something for you!

If that's not enough, our weekly League-Based Hot Lap Challenges (Forza Motorsport 7 only) are more than enough to keep you going in between lobby racing! 

FACR maintains a friendly, approachable and sporting environment. As such any unsporting behaviour (Abuse, Trolling, Arguing, Cheating, Assist shaming etc) may result in removal from the facebook group.

And remember...  keep it clean! 

Our events take place in privately held lobbies, full details of which are promoted on our Facebook groups pages, so you'll need to join them to find out more!

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Welcome to FACR!

Dave Lacey
Gamertag: FACR DLTuning